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Ovarian Cancer Screening: What to Expect

woman undergoing ultrasound scanOvarian Cancer Screening involves a combination of blood tests and ultrasound scans. The number of blood tests and scans you need will depend on your risk of ovarian cancer and whether the test results are normal or abnormal.

ROCA® Test

The ROCA® Test is a simple blood test that detects a woman’s risk of having ovarian cancer by taking into account age, menopausal status, risk status and serial blood measurements to produce a score. It can detect twice as many cases of ovarian cancer sooner than would have been detected using the CA-125 test at a fixed cut-off of 35U/ml.

Ultrasound scans

The scan is performed internally by using a thin probe inserted into the vagina. The pelvic organs are thoroughly examined with special attention given to the ovaries where the clinician will look for specific markers.

Your screening results

Ultrasound examination – results will be available during your appointment. A comprehensive report will be prepared for your GP or gynaecologist and one for yourself.
ROCA® Test – We will send you a hard copy of the report along with an explanation of what this means within a week.

A positive result

If your result indicates a positive screen for ovarian cancer it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the disease – only that you have a higher chance of currently having it. A diagnosis can only be confirmed through additional tests, which your consultant can discuss with you.

If you think that ovarian cancer screening may be right for you, we recommend that you have a consultation with one of our experts. They can explain the process to you in more detail, so you can make a fully informed decision as to whether you want to go ahead with screening.