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Ovarian Cancer Specialists

The Ovarian Cancer Screening Centre offers state of the art detection, screening and prevention of ovarian cancer.

If you are concerned about the symptoms of ovarian cancer we are here to help. For women in high-risk groups, screening and assessment can play a critical role in early detection when the chances of successful treatment are highest. The Ovarian Cancer Screening Centre offers private consultations with leading experts in the field of ovarian cancer diagnosis.

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About Screening

At the Ovarian Cancer Screening Centre we offer:
  • State of the art screening using the ROCA® Test and pelvic ultrasound scans
  • Assessment of symptoms using pelvic ultrasound scans and ROMA blood tests when indicated
  • Advice about risk-reducing surgery to prevent ovarian cancer
  • Access to expert laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery for ovarian cysts and the prevention of ovarian cancer
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